Growing up in Australia and not having cable until I was 14, the selection was fairly limited, so I am including family VHS favorites too.
  1. Faulty Towers
    My dad would typically be several whiskeys under when the time came for this John Cleese classic. Manuel was our Elvis.
  2. Motzart's "The Magic Flute", VHS of an 80's German production.
    Props to my dad for managing to get his 5! year old into opera! In German! On VHS!
  3. The Bill
    Saturday nights (until I was old enough to go out). I remember having friends over to spend the night and leaving them in my bedroom for an hour to go watch with my parents. That's how into it I was. Loved the British "copper" lingo... "Oy, you're booked, mate" and remember asking endless questions about why they didn't carry guns.
  4. ER (mum only)
    She would never fail to comment on how long the titles took to end once they spilled over from the opening credits onto the actual show and how irritating she found it. She would also go to great lengths to distract me from the bloody trauma room sequences, singing little songs and dancing in her chair to draw my attention away. She was the biggest fan of Anthony Edwards. I grew to love Noah Wylie's "Carter", who would go on to become an early teenage masturbation fantasy of mine. Huh?What?
  5. Better Homes and Gardens (mum only, obvs)
    We would take notes on the (in retrospect) awful, tacky and pointless home decorating ideas, which my dad would Vito the following morning at breakfast. One that sticks out in my memory was a seaside theme involving wrapping lamps with brown twine and hot-gluing seashells around door frames (lol). We also took turns impersonating the nasal voice of the resident chef during which my mum, ever-supportive albeit way-off-the-mark, would tell me I should pursue an acting career.
  6. Any and all Rugby (Dad)
    Would inevitably end in a huge fight between my parents as my dad's efforts to get mum involved gave way to her quieting his yelling, as well as his insistence (and her adamant denial) that she secretly liked it.