Because why not sit around a fire and talk about marriage and life with the best high school friends you will ever meet?!?
  1. Ali 22
    Getting married in 3 years. Like woah, I just started college. But at the same time I'm like, yessss that sounds perfect
  2. Maddie 22
    Maybe we will both have summer weddings? #party
  3. Max 23
    Needs an early start for the amount of kids he wants
  4. Ruby 23
    I expect lots of pretty flowers at her wedding because she currently works at flowerama
  5. Maren 25
    Thinking about marriage makes me so happy
  6. Megan 25
    I cannot wait to watch everyone fall in love
  7. Elizabeth 25
    But first we need to live it up and explore during our very short college years
  8. Olivia 25
  9. Tommy 26
    Drop dead gorgeous wife
  10. Rodrigo 26
    Thinking about all the food at these weddings makes me happy too
  11. Sarah 26
    And don't forget about all the dancing!!
  12. Matt 27
    He is going to hold out for the perfect girl
  13. Connor 28
    After traveling the world and finding the love of his life in a different country, we all travel for a destination wedding
  14. Vishal 29
    Needs time to start his career