Yeah, I went to governors ball. I bought tickets when I was drunk, and really only went for Drake (which was the best thing I ever saw). Man, did I feel SO OLD.
  1. My sensible choice in footwear
    I heard it had rained so I thought it might be muddy. I wore (cute) short little rain boots in preparation for the mud. Great success! Everyone else wore terrible sandals.
  2. I was wearing clothes that covered my stomach, breasts and vagina
    Which seems like a given, but most of the female portion of the crowd had little or none of these parts covered up.
  3. "Who's that?" "Uh...I don't know. Bee-gork? I don't know how to say it."
    Is a thing I heard lots of times.
  4. I was so tired.
    Shit is exhausting.