There is a direct correlation between meal and personality/fate of our relationship
  1. WV- 3rd date. Drumsticks (like from a chicken), sweet potato and red pepper hash
    I came over and he was wearing flannel pajama bottoms and a thermal long sleeve shirt. Sweet potatoes and red peppers are in my top two least favorite vegetables. Drumsticks were an interesting choice. Not to say it's related (I think it's related!), but we never did have sex.
  2. JB- 4th date. Olives. Gazpacho. Pork belly with Brussels sprouts slaw or something or other.
    When I was drunk I told him soup was my favorite food. It was summer so he made me gazpacho, which, is not what I meant, but found super sweet. The pork was crazy and way too elaborate, but again, totally sweet of him. We went out a few more times before I broke up with him at Doris for being too indecisive about basically everything.
  3. UT- 3rd (and last!) date. Brined pork chops. Sautéed kale with chile flakes. Roasted squash and sweet potatoes.
    By far my best meal. He brined the pork overnight so I thought that meant he must have been really into me! I hate sweet potato but I was so enamored of him that it all of a sudden became my FAVORITE. He asked me how to cook the kale and I told him, so I feel like we cooked it *together*. We did it all night afterwards and then I never heard from him again. ITS COOL IM OVER IT
  4. CB- 4th date. Was supposed to make me dinner, but had to work late. When I came over after, I saw there was a bell pepper on the counter, no doubt to be prepared for our meal together.