In order
  1. Kosher dill pickle
    Half sour
  2. Iced coffee
    With milk
  3. One radish
  4. Mustard greens
    Like, a small handful. Undressed.
  5. A piece of roti bread
    Yes, of course I made the dough
  6. A scallion top
  7. A very small piece of halibut
  8. Two kumquats
  9. A piece of grapefruit
  10. A bite of a smoked avocado
  11. A spoonful of peanut butter
    Crunchy, obvs
  12. Half a rice cake
    It was a new flavor with hemp seeds- would skip in the future
  13. A sprig of cilantro
  14. A nasturtium petal
  15. An arugula flower
  16. Three toasted pistachios
  17. A piece off a loaf of bread
    I think it had black olives baked into it
  18. A piece off a ball of mozzarella
  19. Two pieces of kimchi
  20. A sip of a Campari float
    It had peach ice cream in it, but I'm counting that as part of the float
  21. A glass of matcha water