What I Wanted to Be Growing Up, Chronologically

I felt really strongly at any given time about pursuing a career in each of these real or fake professions at some point in my life.
  1. A dolphin.
    I so badly wanted to be one. Danm it Lisa Frank making them look so awesome.
  2. A Rabbi for Dolphins
    This was about when I discovered I'm Jewish and I guess I thought it was possible and an untapped market.
  3. Marine Biologist
    Finally grew up and found an actual ocean related job. This dream was crushed by the Columbia pre-med students I would be competing with in science classes.
  4. Teacher
    Then I taught Hebrew school and hated it. Granted Jewish kids in Sunday school are not the best barometer of an average classroom it still scared me off.
  5. Producer
    I was an intern at Rachael Ray and Conan. This dream lives on...
  6. Agent
    Oh CAA. You are a temptress with your seductive perks and community of incredibly intelligent teams. Plus all the free bagels.
  7. Social media maven
    I teach actors and models how to use social and digital media. Yes it's a real job and one time Tim Gunn baked me cookies to say thank you.