1. The Addams Family
    They all snap in a synchronized fashion what more do you need in a family??
  2. The Brady Bunch
    A friendly theme song and a life lesson in every daytime activity... BUT MARSHA WOULD DRIVE ME CRAZY
  3. The Weasley's
    You'd get to eat Mrs. Weasley's food, you'd get a homemade sweater every Christmas, and you'd get to magically get rid of garden gnomes as a chore. Where can I sign up for the luscious red locks and a special spot on Mrs. Weasley's clock??
  4. The Starks
    You'd have so much honor and your own direwolf. You'd grow up in badass Winterfell with your badass friends-with-the-King dad. But then you'd probably die a brutal death... Or go blind... Or be betrothed to the worst shit in all the seven kingdom. I'm really regretting this, I want to be a Tyrell instead.
  5. The Kardashians
    I want to be famous for no reason