And now I really want to talk about it.
  1. Heather Graham- so good!
  2. Julianne Moore- SO GOOD!
    And SUCH a babe. Love all her arm freckles.
  3. PSH
    Speaking of arm freckles. He was such a cutie. And his pain when Dirk won't kiss him. Heartbreak.
  4. At first I was all "Say hi to your mother for me"
    But then I kinda really got in to watching Mark Wahlburg. Nuanced and interesting. Then I remembered The Happening and groaned internally.
  5. John C. Reilly tho.
    He is probably my favorite in every movie he's in. He just steals scenes, in this really genuine and wide-eyed kinda way. The pool party scene? He's such an adorable, competitive meathead.
  6. Cocaine is gross
    Why were people so into it? I do not understand.
  7. Buck Swope
    That fucking name. When Don Cheadle was in that Rick James wig I was in heaven.
  8. According to IMDB, Leo DiCaprio was offered Dirk first, but he had already committed to Titanic.
    HAHAHAHAHA! Try switching those leads in your head for one second.
  9. Oh yeah the penis
    I'll pass.