And sends amazing, thoughtful gifts
  1. Eep!
  2. Candy and individual wrapping!
  3. Book shapes!
  4. Even more!
  5. So. My Secret Santa @lindseyryanb sent me a wonderful letter. Your handwriting is so good! I got abysmal grades in penmanship.
  6. I went to college at TCU - and I know every single place you mentioned! Uno's was a date night spot for two different bad choices (but the pizza was not to blame).
  7. I worked for 7 years as a marketing director at a bookstore (hey there @bookpeople), and I have somehow never read the books you sent. Reading recommendations are the best. 💜
  8. Shut up with this journal. Gorgeous of course, but the first page????? I busted out laughing.
  9. John C. Reilly. Man among men.
  10. I saw Sufjan Stevens about 8 years ago at a taping for the Austin City Limits TV show. They all wore marching band uniforms, and it was magical.
  11. Thank you @lindseyryanb. You honest to goodness made my day.
  12. And thank you @ChrisK. Genius idea!