In chronological order... I don't have any hardcore mythology eps on here. Mostly one offs and fun eps. Also, nothing from the last season (because reasons).
  1. Squeeze and Tooms
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    Is Tooms THE most famous monster of the week?
  2. The Host
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    Fluuuuukeman! So dumb. So great.
  3. Aubrey
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    I'm a sucker for creepy serial killer ghosts
  4. Humbug
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    Hilarious and weird and wonderful
  5. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
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    My favorite episode. Peter Boyle is note perfect.
  6. Piper Maru
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    Black oil!
  7. Jose Chung's From Outer Space
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    Alex Trebeck as a Man in Black. One of the more normal things happening in the ep.
  8. Quagmire
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    Poor Queequeg
  9. Home
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    So gross, but you can't stop watching
  10. The Field Where I Died
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    But but but Scully is who you're supposed to end up with!
  11. Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man
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    Backstory on our favorite villain
  12. Paper Hearts
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    Another asshole serial killer
  13. Leonard Betts
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    Cancer man
  14. The Post-Modern Prometheus
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    It's all about the dancing at the end
  15. Bad Blood
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    The he said she said way this ep is done is HILARIOUS. Bonus points for Luke Wilson!
  16. Drive
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    Walter White has a problem guys
  17. Dreamland 1&2
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    Michael McKean is the best smarmy asshole
  18. Arcadia
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    Rob and Laura Petrie 💗💗💗
  19. The Amazing Maleeni
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  20. X-COPS
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    Cops. But X-Files. And OF COURSE Mulder would be totally into it.
  21. Existence
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