1. The List App
    Technically not my fault...if I didn't have an Android, I would have been all over this the second it came out.
  2. iPods
    I got my 2nd Generation iPod Nano in 2007 while most of my peers were already on their second or third model. I treasured that thing like it was my firstborn child. It still works.
  3. The Bachelor/Bachelorette
    I love any and all reality TV, but this franchise was one I never had any interest in until Mike Fleiss and co. suckered me in with the "two Bachelorettes!" shtick. Here I am now, 2.5 seasons in and I can't quit this show.
  4. Podcasts
    Discovered during the days of my 60-mile round trip commute, I now subscribe to 43 and spend every otherwise silent second of my life listening to them. When my playlist gets too long, I get panicky.
  5. One Direction
    It took me until "Live While We're Young" to fully get their appeal. I was so young and so naive.