The Best Moments of Last Night's Dixie Chicks Concert

6.16.17. Hartford. Martie, Natalie and Emily. A whole night of badass, feminist awesomeness.
  1. Goodbye Earl
    On the screen behind them was a video of the mugshots of noted abusers throughout history, including Chris Brown and OJ Simpson, as well as a picture of Trump as the devil.
  2. Natalie Maines' voice
    It's impeccable. So is her haircut.
  3. Ready to Run
    Never ones to shy away from controversy, the accompanying video for this depicted all of the presidential hopefuls as clowns and puppets. It was perfection.
  4. The Chicks themselves
    I don't know if they're bathing in unicorn blood or what, but they all look fantastic.
  5. Standing arm in arm with my friends during Landslide
    Cliché as hell, but I loved it.
  6. The covers
    First, they sang "Nothing Compares 2 U" in memory of Prince. Flawless. THEN, they covered Beyoncé's "Daddy Lessons" and all was right in the world.
  7. Realizing I was an idiot as a teenager
    Not being very politically savvy as a youth, I was one of those stupid people who boycotted the Chicks for their statement against GWB. Last night was cathartic. Bad blood was purged.