The Life of a Nursing Student

I have several friends who are going through this list (based off my current lifestyle) and yet people still ask us why we can't go out...
  1. We're in debt up to our eyeballs.
  2. All we want in life is a average test score of >76%
  3. Working 80 hours a week on nights
  4. EVERY week is finals week! We are dying over here...
  5. Working an additional 12hours a week as a house maid
    Running total: 92
  6. Working an additional 2-5 hours a week running an online business
    Running total: 94-97 hours a week
  7. "Mom, I can't talk right now I have to study for this exam.."
  8. We study everyday (easily up to 20 hours if not more)
    Running total: 110-115 hours a week
  9. Forget having a relationship... Maybe a fling between study subjects.
    Make nurses are always fiiiiiiiine.
  10. Don't forget clinicals... (12 hours)
    122-137 hours a week
  11. There's also sleep (I get about 4-5h/night)
    135-142 hours a week...
  12. Having no time for laundry is a norm.
  13. And class time (10hours/week)
    145-155 hours a week.......
  14. How many hours are there in a week even?!
    The answer is 168.
  15. That pretty much leaves time for a church service, meals, and commuting time if you live REAL close to school
  16. When this all blows over, it will all be worth it. And we all know it.