Thoughts During Nursing School Exams

In honor of passing my final this morning at 0700 and passing, I would like to commemorate the occasion (so others can commiserate).
  1. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh everyone
  2. Okay okay okay... Here we go
  3. Ooh I remember this!
    Just kidding.. It's asking something totally different. What?
  4. Okay now THIS one I know.
    A) this is probably it but I'll read on just in case. B) haha.. It's not that. C) somehow this is also a possibility. D) but this one starts with "assess!"
  5. Well, damn. *click*
  6. Which intervention is BEST?
  7. Oh my g... Kill me now.
  8. Would I call the physician first or document?
    If it wasn't documented it wasn't done, right?
  9. Excuse me while I doze off during this very important test right now....
  10. Did I read this already?
  11. I've already hit 10 on my tally...
    (I keep a tally of all the questions I am unsure about to give me a rough estimate of my worst possible grade)
  12. Wait I'm only on question 9...
  13. .... Damn it.
  15. Assess first...... He's bleeding out but assess!
  16. What the hell is Grave's again?
  17. Symogi effect.....
    Some kind of tribal dance?????
  18. Page 4 - I don't event understand any of these.
  19. What the question sounds like:
    A guy came in and feels sick and his tummy hurts.... What do you do first? Assess? Ask his pain level?
  20. What it actually says:
    A 42 year old male came into the ED at 0400 with c/o n/v and r/o hemorrhagic gastric ulcerations, what is the Priority nursing intervention? Prepare him for surgery!!!!!
  21. Crap... My tally is at 24 and i still have 30 questions left
  22. Don't change answers, don't change them!
  23. First instinct...?
  24. I want to cry
  25. My patient is going to DIE
  26. I realize I know nothing about diets. The one with veggies?
  27. Shit I didn't get to study this chapter
  28. Last question.... Pick one
  29. *hands to the teacher*
  30. Smile and nod.
  31. Next step: fetal position outside the class until someone else comes out and joins.