Instant (tv based) friendship
  1. Cancel all plans that do not include binge watching Party Down
  2. Get your friend's hulu login if you can't find the full series somewhere else, just make this happen
  3. You are gonna want some drinks with this, have some drinks and don't question yourself
  4. Having a fully loaded snack tray at the ready is pretty obvious too
  5. Now show up & do the work. You will be paid in laughs & a true sense of knowing that all is not lost.
  6. Follow up with me about how this show stands the test of time (even though come on this isn't that old) and is better than you even remembered it being & how every actor in this is the best, etc. because I will make time for that conversation, every time.
  7. Now let's reference this show often and without provocation in any and all of our future conversations with complete disregard for whatever topic is actually trying to be discussed! (Best/worst and very real part of binge watching anything with me)