All This Cuteness Excuses Me for Ignoring Listapp the Past Week.

A photo essay: cute overload baby and kitten edition.
  1. My niece is nearly 4 months old and is killing the cleavage game.
  2. My mom saved these monsters from being drowned.
  3. Can you believe someone wanted to drown them?!?
  4. These two almost didn't make it because they were the littlest.
  5. But this one is a big tough guy and protected them.
  6. Ok back to my niece. Her name is Augustine and we call her Gus.
  7. I haven't seen her for a month and she's changed so much!
  8. She giggles now!
  9. And she gives open mouthed kisses to her Baba.
  10. She loves selfies with her Auntie Lissy.
  11. She does yoga with mom even when she wants to watch tv.
  12. She loves her dog, but cheers on the kitten because they're both babes.