A photo essay: cute overload baby and kitten edition.
  1. My niece is nearly 4 months old and is killing the cleavage game.
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  2. My mom saved these monsters from being drowned.
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  3. Can you believe someone wanted to drown them?!?
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  4. These two almost didn't make it because they were the littlest.
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  5. But this one is a big tough guy and protected them.
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  6. Ok back to my niece. Her name is Augustine and we call her Gus.
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  7. I haven't seen her for a month and she's changed so much!
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  8. She giggles now!
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  9. And she gives open mouthed kisses to her Baba.
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  10. She loves selfies with her Auntie Lissy.
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  11. She does yoga with mom even when she wants to watch tv.
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  12. She loves her dog, but cheers on the kitten because they're both babes.
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