Another Radiohead Related List

Inspired by @Nicholas and all the other Radiohead lists, but different because I wrote this in 2002 about my favorite album OK Computer.
  1. in the next world war / in a jackknifed juggernaut/ I am born again
    I heard Airbag for the first time in my dad's van, on a trip to see my self absorbed rich aunt. I played the song for her in her Mercedes later, hoping she'd be moved by Thom Yorke's unbridled yet carefully manipulated vocals. Instead she followed it up with Savage Garden and said, "cool right?"
  2. when I am king you will be first against the wall
    My boyfriend's in a black metal band called One Master. He hates Jeff Buckley and can't pretend to appreciate Nina Simone's haunting tones. But when Paranoid Android came on my stereo he said, "I really love this song." I jumped for joy! I guess all he needed was a little anger and a good bass line.
  3. I'd show them the stars and the meaning of life / they'd shut me away / but I'd be alright
    There are some songs you just breathe along to. This is as close to meditation I guess I'll ever get.
  4. we hope that you choke
    I wanted to get corresponding wrist tattoos that said "keep breathing" and "don't lose your nerve" as an homage to Exit Music (for a Film) but I worried people would find it annoyingly dramatic. I wish there was a way to get a tattoo of when the drums finally come in.
  5. one day I am going to grow wings / a chemical reaction / hysterical and useless
    While I waited for Barry that night I shivered and panicked. He was only five minutes late, but it was so dark and there were so many people staring, and I was drawing this picture of a girl growing wings. The overlapping vocals both helped and heightened my anxieties.
  6. he buzzes like a fridge / he's like a detuned radio
    I hated Tony for admitting he only liked Karma Police and nothing else by Radiohead. I almost punched him in the face. He should have lied to me.
  7. SKIP
    I'm too creeped out by the robot voice in Fitter Happier.
  8. when I go forwards / you go backwards / and somewhere we will meet
    When I was a senior in high school I tried to start an all girl barbershop quartet. A little embarrassing, I know, but I just wanted to try my hand at clever harmony. In Electioneering one vocal track goes up the scale and the other goes down when the lyric is "I go forwards you go backwards." On the nose? A little. Genius? YES. I wish I came up with something so brilliant, but my quartet only did Christmas songs.
  9. everywhere you turn / I'll be there / open up your skull / I'll be there
    I used these lyrics from Climbing up the Walls for my AIM away message because I thought it sounded tough. I wish I was tough.
  10. I'll take a quiet life / a handshake of carbon monoxide
    I made Carlye a mixtape for her birthday. We're twins, but we have way different taste in music. When we listen to the tape in her car together, we always fast-forward to No Surprises because it's so goddamn pretty with that xylophone or whatever it is.
  11. It's going to be a glorious day
    Planning ahead in the girliest way, I imagine the first dance song at my wedding to be Lucky. Well, it's between that and The Smith's There is a Light that Never Goes Out and I can't decide decide which one is too negative for a wedding.
  12. hey man slow down / idiot slow down
    Sitting on that cute boys shoulders at the concert, I hoped The Tourist would never end. Then it did. With that perfect little ding.