1. St. Ives apricot scrub
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  2. Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel shampoo and conditioner
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    Keeps my unnaturally platinum hair from breaking or yellowing.
  3. Lush Karma Kream
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    Favorite. Scent. Ever.
  4. Brooklyn beach hair spray
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    The best salt spray I've tried for my fine hair. Great scent too.
  5. Alba Hawaiian moisturizer (refining aloe and green tea)
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    I've tried a million moisturizers from cheap drug store brands to ridiculously priced ones. This Whole Foods find was my Goldilocks!
  6. Ponds BB cream
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    Sometimes an inexpensive drug store brand works best!
  7. Mac Studio Fix and Fix+ spray
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    Flawless coverage and finish without a makeup-y look.
  8. Benefit They're Real mascara
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    Tried and true.
  9. Makeup Forever cream blush
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    They have the best orangey peach color! (410)
  10. Burt's Bees tinted lip balm
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    Kind to my lips and great colors! I love Hibiscus.
  11. Biore pore strips
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    These just work. So satisfying!