Please add your recommendations! California peeps: don't be judgemental.
  1. Chilo's in Bed Stuy
    A5a7f49f c4d9 4fd0 88ff 00e734259af0 Approved by all my Cali friends, which says a lot. Highlights: their fried fish taco, their chorizo taco, and their array of tomatillo and hot sauces.
  2. La Superior in Williamsburg
    84a3819c bc11 4bf3 9fc7 99b4888d7e00 I LOVE this place. They keep it super simple, using only onion and cilantro as garnish. The quality of meat and seafood speaks for itself; no need for frills. Highlights: their carne asada and carnitas tacos, cebollitas (charred green onions), and the spicy guava margarita.
  3. Tacos El Bronco in Sunset Park
    Cea13e26 838f 4459 912a 89a22ea4e475 This South BK classic is undeniably the most authentic and probably the most popular. They also have a taco truck that is usually parked outside Melody Lanes (the towniest bowling alley in NYC). Highlights: their lengua taco is the best I've ever had, cochinita pibil is great as well.
  4. Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos in Bushwick
    F9d0ce45 61e8 4b4a b9ac 2714437ed3fa This place is a legit tortilla factory, so obviously, the tortillas are fresh and made on site. Highlights: All of the tacos are simple and delicious. But the tostadas are the best! Get ANYTHING. It'll be good. And BYOB. And CHEAP!
  5. Chavelas in Crown Heights
    2b4396a7 9fd7 42be 9cc3 a22b60dcdbcd First of all, this place is decorated gorgeously and has a fun upbeat atmosphere. And $2 taco happy hour! Highlights: their carne enchilada taco is made with fresh pineapple! Also, get the chicken mole tamale and the Don Pepino cocktail (tequila, cucumber, cilantro, and tajin)!
  6. Calexico in Greenpoint
    The Monterey Fish tacos and Black Bean tacos are my favorites + a good elote. Basically anything you order with their famous "crack sauce" is literally the best.
    Suggested by @Kat