And my responses and sometimes their responses to my responses
  1. When I was standing around on my bike trying to find the path to Coney Island. Him: "can I suck those titties?!" Me: "no thanks, but do you know where the bike path to Coney starts?" Him: drives away laughing.
  2. To my friend and I outside the bar where we just had our joint bday party. Him: "your ass and her tits! Give me your numbers!" Me: "oh my god. You need to walk away." Him: "whatever, y'all are too old for me anyway. Go home to your kids! Bye mom! Bye mom!"
  3. When I was walking in Prospect Heights. Him: "I'd suck a fart outta that ass!" Me: "are you the same guy that said that to my friend?" @originalamericantrt
  4. While walking to my local coffee shop. I didn't even turn around. Him: "Mmmm girl! I'm gonna squeeze that ass. That ass that ass mmmm mmmm mmmm!" When I came out of the coffee shop he was waiting for me saying similar stuff while holding a NEWBORN BABY.
  5. To be continued. I'm getting too pissed and grossed out.