(Catcalls that did piss me off will be a future list. A very long one.)
  1. At a red light on my bike: "Excuse me miss? You have a nice shape."
  2. Out of a car window: "love that outfit, girl!"
  3. A very old man looking me up and down and saying, "Praise the Lord!"
  4. "Yo ma! Stay healthy!"
  5. Yelled to my boyfriend as we walked down the street together: "Treat her right! She a goddess!"
  6. From across the street while I was on my stoop: "Enjoy the sunshine today, baby!"
  7. At the gym: "you gettin strong, I can tell!"
  8. Outside the Barclays: "Can I get an autograph? You that famous actress, right?"
  9. 'Hey miss! I like your amulet.'
    I think he just liked my amulet...
    Suggested by @originalamericantrt