In classic list style, this is mostly to remind myself to get around to these before I forget.
  1. Things people need to chill the fuck out about.
  2. Faces I make when I fart.
  3. Hair colors I can mostly pull off.
  4. Lists I've made of things I've already done in a day to feel like I'm not an unproductive piece of shit.
  5. Horrible TV shows I've watched multiple episodes/seasons of just because I was too tired to find something else.
  6. A story of Cheetos, then orange fingers of shame, then more Cheetos.
  7. Screenshots of hilarious texts, mostly with my mom and spelling impaired boyfriend.
  8. Hashtags that are just #insidejokes
  9. The struggles and bonuses of being a short shorty small fry.
  10. My dad's insane stories from his Pentecostal Megachurch.
  11. Quotes from Millennials that have me convinced they are aliens that recently landed on planet earth instead of just being born after 1986 or whatever year people say it is.
  12. Things that I have said are "literally my biggest pet peeve."
  13. Bar customers that are definitely the worst human beings and should die in a fire.
  14. Photos of food that don't look disgusting like most people's photos of food.
  15. Old dudes I'd probably have sex with.
  16. Things most people hate, but I have no problems with.