Movies and the Food They Make Me Crave

  1. The Princess Bride
    Beef Stew. Fezzik totally cures Inigo's black out by feeding him stew. I realize this is a little weird, but I get drunk sometimes. Get off my case.
  2. Every Harry Potter movie.
    All of the food. I don't even need to be hungry. BRING ME A FEAST DAMMIT!
  3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Mashed potatoes. Knock that off and pass the gravy, Richard!
  4. Annie Hall
    Lobster. Duh. I'm from New England.
  5. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
    Roast Beast. I know it's a cartoon and I'm not sure what roast beast even is, BUT I WANT LIKE 5 SLICES PLZ.
  6. Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory
    Liquid chocolate and an edible flower cup/saucer combo. Yes please.
  7. Ninja Turtles
    Pizza that seems entirely made of drippy cheese. So technically the cartoon, not the movie.
  8. Spirited Away This scene makes you crave delicious roast duck
    Suggested by   @annepdxsnail
  9. Napoleon Dynamite
    Tator tots "Gimme some of your tots"
    Suggested by   @kate81