Coney Island, bitches!
  1. "That's why I fuck guys sometimes. They're punctual!"
  2. "I feel great today. I'm not the fattest whitest asshole here for once!"
  3. "This is the opposite of work. I'm on the beach with a Snapple bottle full of whiskey!"
  4. "Yeah! He treats you like that because he's got a cock and wants to use it."
  5. "Daddy wants to go say hi to Mother Nature."
  6. "Come on shake your body, baby do that conga!"
  7. "I had one ex that I should have married, but she wouldn't marry me because I'm Jewish and she couldn't fucking handle that I'm bisexual."
  8. "Then that other girl that I was engaged to- now she's gay married to some basic bitch- good luck with that nightmare!"
  9. "I'm just not gonna wear a condom. Can I live? Can I live?"
  10. "Meaningless sex is literally meaningless to me."