The fact that half of these are based on my vanity is completely humiliating.
  1. A fake text from "my bank" saying my account was compromised.
    This resulted in me calling a random number and giving out a lot of my information. When they asked for my social security number, I FINALLY felt weird and hung up. I then had to call my actual bank and close out all my accounts because now they were definitely compromised.
  2. That "free sample" of Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea Detox pills for weight loss.
    I'm super embarrassed of this one. It resulted in two months of charges of over $180 to my credit card and it was extremely complicated to cancel. This has more to do with me feeling fat and lazy, but I was also definitely hungover when I entered my credit card info.
    The small print here (that I did not read because of a debilitating hangover) said that I was signing up for an automatic monthly plan that charges my credit card $29.99 each time. I did not realize this until I defaulted the card from not paying it 6 months in a row. It seriously affected my credit score. (Ironic?)
  4. Team Beach Body
    This isn't really a scam because 21 day fix actually does work (as its a weight loss plan that involves actual exercise and actual healthy eating), but it does include an automatic monthly charge for being a "coach" and for a stupid amount of Shakeology getting delivered to my apartment. It's also super complicated to cancel, mainly because I'm pretty hungover.