1. Taking uncomfortable shoes off.
  2. Flossing a popcorn hull out from between your molars.
  3. Peeing after a very long walk when you had to pee the whole time.
  4. Cleaning your ears with a Qtip when it was necessary.
  5. Having dessert for a meal when you're craving it and you've had a bad week.
  6. Napping in the afternoon.
  7. Cleaning a very dirty thing til it's shiny and new-looking.
  8. Your boss/ significant other/ mom/ best friend saying, "you did a great job. Thank you."
  9. Deleting a bunch of emails.
  10. Crossing everything off of a to do list.
  11. Pooping.
  12. Yelling when you're mad.
  13. Blinking after you get an eyelash out of your eye
    Suggested by @ohheymary