Things Caitlin Said During the Packers Game

It's better if you imagine these with a Midwestern accent.
  1. Oh, thank god they're wearing their normal costumes.
  2. Get em! Can I say "get em"? I love saying that.
  3. Aw they're hugging!
  4. Oh yeah! His name is Haha!
  5. Peyton Manning is a rail compared the other skinny guys.
  6. He's footballrexic.
  7. Look at his skinny arms!
  8. I feel bad for the skinny football guys.
  9. He just threw him off to the side! He was like, "fuck you dude! Get outta here!"
  10. What, are these commentators trying to be philosophers now?
  11. Oh, he dropped it! He literally dropped the ball! That's good, right?
  12. Ugh Jesus. Peyton Manning's skinny ass needs to get outta the way!
  13. Peyton Manning's shirt is weird. Maybe he's not that skinny, his shirt is just too big. And with, like, flowy longer sleeves.
  14. Did you see Clay Matthews do a hair flip?
  15. Clay Matthews is my football boyfriend. My baseball boyfriend is the non-Swedish pitcher from the Mets with the long hair. Jacob something.
  16. Quarterback comparison: Aaron Rodgers - cool, Peyton Manning - weird and gross.
  17. Oh they got a touchdown! Why was it so anticlimactic?!
  18. Who did it?! Lacey? He's my favorite fat football jellyfish.
  19. Mike McCarthy, don't have a heart attack!
  20. He just looks like something inside of him is gonna pop.
  21. Manning looks like fucking Frankenstein's monster.
  22. This game is making me mad!