In no particular order. I don't know which one tops the list.
  1. People who whine about the long line in the post office to everyone else who is also waiting in the long line at the post office.
  2. Backpack wearers on a crowded subway.
  3. Last minute texts blowing off plans we had.
  4. A urine soaked tampon string.
  5. People pronouncing "nuclear" "nucular."
  6. Customers that flag me down at my busy bar, then say, "I don't know what I want! Tell me what I want!"
  7. Missing the G train by ten seconds because the person in front of me in the Metrocard line couldn't crack the code on the really straightforward Metrocard machine.
  8. This drink order: "Long Island iced tea, no ice, make it strong."
  9. How Indian food is so delicious but always gives me incapacitating gas.
  10. People talking about cleanses of any kind.
  11. My very expensive laptop being obsolete.
  12. Spoilers.
  13. People who lay on their horns in traffic.
  14. Men my age and older on skateboards and how it inexplicably turns me on. I hate mixed feelings.
  15. Uninformed drunk fights about politics.
  16. Dum-dums on Citybikes.