1. They are not mad at me for the night I came home drunk to the stoop and told them all they were too young for whatever and blah blah.
  2. It's cool to be a thirty something woman.
  3. They all remember my name and I remember only the weirdest one of theirs.
  4. Spooj is a name now?
  5. Racist jokes are now called jokes about racism and they're ok? (They had a black friend on the stoop also who agreed?!)
  6. Seven people can live in a four bedroom apartment.
  7. "Couch surfing" is not only a thing, but a website.
  8. You do not get paid for couch surfers.
  9. The couch surfers are mostly German women under the age of 24.
  10. Steve (who is not present on the stoop) is the one who picks said couch surfers and set up the account without his roommates' knowledge in order to "meet new people."
  11. Steve is the only roommate who benefits from this scenario.
  12. Steve does not have a job, and he travels to Europe frequently.
  13. Spooj, Liam, Moses, Jonny, the long haired dude, and his friend that meditates with their apartment door open are pretty pissed at Steve.