Things That Made Me Smile Today

  1. A child rock band playing outside the store across from my bar.
    Surprisingly talented and badass eight year olds!!!
  2. Everyone walking down Washington Ave smiling about the child rock band.
  3. A great phone conversation I had with my stepdad.
    This is major. Father's Day is a difficult one for him since he lost his only (biological) child to a motorcycle accident two years ago. It's been a struggle for all of us to make him feel like a part of the family since my brother (the glue of our mixed family) passed away. A visit from my sister and her brand new baby made his day truly joyful.
  4. The perfect Bahn Mi.
  5. A surprise visit from a dear friend I hadn't seen in a while.
  6. A five dollar tip from a millennial for one drink!
  7. This chalk drawing.
  8. The AC is working perfectly.