Thinking up these things makes me miss him more, but also remember all the wonderful times we shared. I love you James. Thanks for being the best little brother who was (and somehow still is) always there for me.
  1. Recreate that day 12 years ago when we walked around Boston freestyle battle rapping.
  2. Show him all my favorite places in NYC, proving its not a scary awful city.
  3. Listen quietly while he tells me his girl problems, and realize that I have very little advice since he's become such a thoughtful and wise man.
  4. Hike one of his favorite mountains with him, trying to experience how sublime nature is to him.
  5. Exchange bad jokes and hear his laugh.
  6. Spend the day with him and @carlye and our baby niece Gus who just turned 6 months old.
  7. Play a game or two of pool with him and his best friend Nate at Slattery's Bar and Grill.
  8. Cuddle with him and our mom on her couch, then change the channel from HGTV to Comedy Central once mom falls asleep.
  9. Sit around the kitchen table watching funny YouTube videos while his dad Garry makes chili.
  10. Have a long conversation on the phone, him in Massachusetts, me in NYC, filling each other in on everything that's happened in our lives since we last spoke.