I'm primary teacher and though I absolutely love it and I'm convinced there is nothing more rewarding than watching these tiny little angles grow into positive members of society... I encounter some strange moments in my day to day life. I thought a running list might be appropriate... @bjnovak
  1. A student yelled out (in front of my principal) that I never wear pants.
    I rock a lot of dresses. But thanks for that.
  2. A student pulled out her tooth and wiped her bloody mouth juices on my pants.
    Didn't even bother washing them. Just threw them out. Too much. Just too much.
  3. A student sneezed a giant snot glob onto of my head.
    Teaching kids to tie shoes is a dangerous business.
  4. A kindergartener puked on my legs.
    I was wearing a skirt.
  5. During a lesson about germs, a student wiped his boogers on another student's arm.
    Not my arm though. Sweet mercy.
  6. I'm going to keep writing them as I remember them or new moments occur.