Five Photos on my Phone, Chosen at Random

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. My parents at the Derby Party
    They texted me all night about all the famous people they saw, "and there is tony romo! And Kate Upton just walked in! And then Bethany Burdick"
  2. Salt and Pepper Diner
    Leaving Zeta Crush at HVAC in Wrigleyville and saw that this was across the street, nearly cried because I was freaking out so much and I must go and play What's New Pussycat to honor John Mulaney
  3. Lobby of the Penninsula
    Dad came and visited me and we met here. Sent this to my sister to tease her that she was stuck at home. She sent me a picture of woodland. Touché.
  4. Me and a pineapple
    Last 3 hours of DM. Been up for well over 40 at this point. I don't know why or how, but I have about 25 of these on my phone
  5. WGC Bridgestone 2015
    Ellie, me, and 2011 Masters champion Charl Schwartzel. My face was really pressed against his arm and let me say, those biceps were rock solid