Things I have tried to watch and turned off midway in the last seventeen hours of debilitating flu shakes.
  1. Forrest Gump: I want feel good and it did not do that. Am I misremembering this film? @RachelP if life is like a box of chocolates and I hate sweets then what cheesy breadstick is falling in the forest just for me? Bail time: min 21
  2. Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason: Still clearly craving feel good but Bridget's trust issues with Mr. Darcy are decidedly less endearing. Bail time: min 30
  3. The Great British Baking Show: what can be more feel good than a group of lovely Brits baking?: I slept through three very pleasant episodes. Bail time: judges' opening monologue however brownie points (...) for soothing my sleep.
  4. M:l2: Tom Cruise is an American treasure. Perfect film choice: action movie starring my favorite DIY lunatic. Wait, is that a cliff? Like a real cliff he is hanging from? Rabbithole: Even if he had ropes, still! So scary. He believes he's immortal. New mission: save Tom. Now a super intense ballroom scene? Fuck it. Bail time: min 12 #Nyquil
  5. The Sphere: Given up on the feel good concept. Dustin, Sharon AND Liev? I made it past Latifah Jelly's, Squid Egg Party and Jerry lighting fire to the whole subterranean facility. Guys, Sam has crazy eye and is reading a creepy within context book and is like me today being all sick and sleepy and weird. Bail time: min 92
  6. HONORABLE MENTION: things I thought about until I got real with myself.
  7. Beasts of No Nation: have to see this. Just, not today. Not like this.
  8. Iris: have seen. Worried it will make me feel like when you see an old man walking by himself with flowers to the post office with one tall shoe and one short. Heart burst of the happy and sad variety at the exact same excruciating moment.
  9. Clueless: A favorite and the ultimate fallback. It's just the flu go to sleep.