1. Don't freak out if they fall down
    Their reaction will definitely mirror yours. Stay calm, tell them they're ok and if they're not, they'll let you know.
  2. Don't yell
    It never helps. Use a stern voice sparingly when something is very serious (safety related for example)
  3. Telling them what to do > telling them what not to do
    Don't say "don't touch that", say "here, play with this". Give an alternative appropriate thing to do.
  4. The clean-up song is timeless
    None of these kids watch Barney but they all have a Pavlovian response to the song
  5. Bubbles make an awesome sound when they pop
    You have to listen closely
  6. If it's not your job to change the diaper, don't check to see if it's dirty
    Not worth it
  7. Potty training can be fun
    Messy sure but SO rewarding. The look on a kid's face when they first do it successfully is priceless.
  8. Little boys are just as obsessed with their penises as grown men are
    And the first time they pee standing up is the first greatest moment of their life