I work as a behavior therapist with toddlers on the Autism spectrum. The one thing I have learned is that you can never predict what they will like or not.
  1. YouTube videos where toys are hidden in balls of play doh
    They are called surprise eggs and somehow these kids with little to no language skills and absolutely no writing skills always find them
  2. Putting something on your head and saying "achoo!" as you tip your head to knock it off
    Universally hilarious and easy to imitate
  3. Eating toes
    The stinkier you make them seem, the better
  4. Peekaboo
    Oh crap, I lost your kid...THERE HE IS!
  5. Pretending to sleep and then unexpectedly popping up awake
    My personal favorite because I get to close my eyes and ignore the kid while I'm at work!
  6. Wind up toys
    Cool whether you're a toddler or not
  7. Talking Tom and his friends - especially Ginger 2 because she farts
    If you haven't seen these apps, you should. It's a series of different animals that repeat what you say and do helpful things like brush their teeth and eat with a spoon
  8. Adults running
    I don't know why but it always gets giggles