Things I am seriously considering buying

  1. an all edge lasagna pan
    I have the all edge brownie pan and it's perfect.
  2. a Jeep
    It's like driving an amusement park car. I really want one.
  3. tickets to see David Sedaris
    I'd even take a road trip to get there.
  4. a Baby Lock Eclipse DX Serger 
    I have one, but for some reason I just want a new one, with fancy trademarked "Jet-Air Threading" technology.
  5. another dog
    I can't, because we don't own our house... but for some reason I look at rescue dog websites every day.
  6. A Nespresso machine
    We have a VERY fancy espresso machine, but I still want this one.
  7. a Pottery Barn chandelier
    It's just lovely. Especially compared to the hideous gold thing hanging in my house now.