I say these things so go ahead and judge me.
  1. "In her/his life"
    Another way to say agent or manager. Example -- "I think we should get the script to Jennifer Lawrence, who at CAA is most in her life?"
  2. "Is the money real?"
    All indie financiers claim to have money to make movies but most don't. So the question must be begged...
  3. "Is he/she meaningful?"
    This is asking if the actor in question can get you financing. Not if they're right for the part of if they have talent -- but simply can they help get your movie made.
  4. "Can he/she cast it?"
    This refers to a director's ability to get a star or two to be in the picture. Of course the star must be meaningful (see above).
  5. "Is it set up?"
    This is a screenwriting question. If a producer brings you a project you want to know if it's at a studio. Translation -- if it's set up you're being offered money to work on it, if it's not set up then you're gonna work for free in hopes of making money later.