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I never regret taking a risk on someone's cool idea.
  1. Opal Nugget Ice Maker
    Nuggetice.com On demand Sonic ice in my kitchen... dreams do come true. It's everything I hoped it would be. I would definitely back First Build products again. Worth the year and half wait.
  2. All Birds wool sneakers
    Allbirds.com These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. Seriously. Made from Merino wool, washable and you can purchase replacement insoles.
  3. The Kazbrella
    Kazbrella.com The inside out umbrella that solves all the things you wish were better about your umbrella.
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Tell me what unusual but delightful things one should do in The City in December.
  1. The tree at Rockefeller Center
I travel for work and pleasure. It's truly the small things that make a difference in whether I will come back to a hotel. What am I missing??
  1. Decent water pressure and a good shower nozzle.
    This is top of the list. A good, hot, high pressure shower makes up for some of these other things.
  2. Ample plugs in all the right places.
    Trust me... you and I both don't want me to have to move furniture and stand on my head to find a place to plug my phone or laptop in close to the bed.
  3. A decent iron and ironing board.
    They always skimp on this and having a grid impression on your pants because the ironing board pad was so thin and iron so crappy is not cool. Bonus points if there is a steamer!
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