I never regret taking a risk on someone's cool idea.
  1. Opal Nugget Ice Maker
    Nuggetice.com On demand Sonic ice in my kitchen... dreams do come true. It's everything I hoped it would be. I would definitely back First Build products again. Worth the year and half wait.
  2. All Birds wool sneakers
    Allbirds.com These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. Seriously. Made from Merino wool, washable and you can purchase replacement insoles.
  3. The Kazbrella
    Kazbrella.com The inside out umbrella that solves all the things you wish were better about your umbrella.
  4. Rocketbook
    Rocketbook.com Write, draw and fill it up. I Snap a pic of the page and digital versions categorized to my liking show up in my inbox. Pop it in the microwave and I have a fresh new notebook ready to be filled up! Now I always have ALL my notes with me and only have to carry one notebook.
  5. Static
    Kaisr.com the inflatable couch that you can carry in a backpack and doesn't require a pump. Floats and has a pocket for your phone and a beverage. Worked great at a music festival. Super comfy.
  6. MVMT Watches
    mvmtwatches.com Love the price point and how these watches look. Company started by two 25 year olds with a completely digital marketing strategy and entrepreneurial background.
  7. TIME Slippers
    Making it acceptable to wear house shoes in public. Jury is still out on this one. I got them for my little brother for Christmas. We'll see.... reviews are great and I like that I got an email from the founder/CEO as soon as I placed the order.
  8. Peloton Spin Bike
    At home live and on demand classes solving my crazy travel and work schedule issue. I've always loved to ride my bike. And I can take live classes in studio when I'm in NY. It arrives in January, can't wait!