Little things hotels should pay attention to that will keep me coming back.

I travel for work and pleasure. It's truly the small things that make a difference in whether I will come back to a hotel. What am I missing??
  1. Decent water pressure and a good shower nozzle.
    This is top of the list. A good, hot, high pressure shower makes up for some of these other things.
  2. Ample plugs in all the right places.
    Trust me... you and I both don't want me to have to move furniture and stand on my head to find a place to plug my phone or laptop in close to the bed.
  3. A decent iron and ironing board.
    They always skimp on this and having a grid impression on your pants because the ironing board pad was so thin and iron so crappy is not cool. Bonus points if there is a steamer!
  4. Large, plush towels.
    The norm is sized for a small child and feels like cardboard.
  5. Bedding that does not have a comforter or blanket on top.
    I always worry that this potentially isn't washed after each guest and it grosses me out.
  6. A comfy oversized robe and slippers.
    Adds a touch of luxury.
  7. Qtips, a disposable mini shower poof and decent body wash.
    These are the toiletries I appreciate most that could be left at home and free up space in my travel kit.
  8. An AC/Heater that is controlled by thermostat on wall.
    Good Temperature control makes all the difference in a good nights sleep.