I belong in England. I studied there for 5 months and I miss it so much. Here are some of my quality memories
  1. Getting bitch slapped by a seagull's wing in Brighton
    The seagull came out of nowhere and slapped me across the face like we were in Mean Girls. Brighton's population is like 20% human and 80% bird. It's still one of my favorite places in England- it feels like a retro fairground
  2. Going punting in Oxford and crashing the boat into a riverbank
    My aunt and uncle visited and took my cousin and I punting and my attempt at steering the boat caused us to crash into a riverbank. Somehow this led to everyone in the boat (except for me)to be covered in mud... we then drank Pimms in the punt aka the most British sentence I've ever uttered
  3. Seeing tiny bunnies on top of the White Cliffs of Dover
    Nuff said. I actually bawled for a solid 5 minutes because of how small they were and I was worried they'd somehow fall off the cliffs
  4. Seeing A Midsummer Nights Dream in the Globe theater on my last night
    A dream come true. We saw it at night and the globe has no roof so we could look up at the stars. The theater was decorate with lanterns and fairy lights and I'm literally tearing up just thinking about it. One of the most magical experiences I've ever had
  5. Trying on bonnets at the Jane Austen museum in Bath
    My friend and I are probably the biggest Jane Austen fans so when she came to visit me our first stop was the museum. We fangirled in excess and said the words "solicitude" and "pianoforte" upwards of 20 times.
  6. Lying in the garden of the university drinking Pimms. The university is a French Chateau
    I picked said university because it looked like Hogwarts. It did not disappoint. The uni contained a picture gallery and the staircases looked like they could have moved if they wanted to
  7. Walking into the kitchen and seeing my rich flatmate charging his segue next to the microwave
    One time I saw him riding his segue from the kitchen to his room.. his room is about 6 steps away from the kitchen. He would also ride his segue to Windsor. Picturing him riding a segue for like 30 mins on the highway makes me cry- laugh
  8. The picture gallery of the uni is where some exams take place. During the exams they cover one specific painting with a union jack flag as it was said to bring bad luck to students. I love places with traditions and creepy paintings
    The horrifying painting in question is called "Man Proposes, God Disposes" and it depicts a polar bear feasting on human flesh. It's said to be haunted and causes students to fail exams. I 100% believe this legend
  9. Grocery shopping with Tilda Swinton
    My friend and I were grocery shopping in our local Waitrose. My friend nonchalantly was like look Tilda Swinton. I did about 6 double takes and started hyperventilating. I ended up shopping for dairy products next to Tilda Swinton. Her cart contained yogurt and canned beans. I still haven't recovered
  10. I miss it. I'll do anything to go back, even work in London as a scullery maid or become a street urchin.