Favorite places/things in (or about) Montreal

  1. Santropol
    It has a backyard filled with fairylights and serves lots of tasty cream cheese filled sandwiches
  2. Eva Bs
    Thrift store with a plethora of mannequin body parts hanging from the ceiling. And you can dive into a pit of clothes
  3. Dragon flowers montreal
    A flower shop with bird cages hanging outside it. Everyone in the area loves the woman who owns the store and she gives flowers to little kids who pass by. It's dreamy
  4. Jazz fest
    Jazz fest is when people who normally don't listen to jazz come together to listen to jazz. I love it
  5. Drawn and quarterly
    I haven't actually been here yet but I already know I'm gonna love it. Really cool graphic novel store
  6. Nuit blanche
    Super fun winter festival with events and things stay open really late. I went to the Redpath museum at night and all the lights were turned off and we got to explore the museum with flashlights.
  7. Montreal in the fall
    Coziness level: Gilmore Girls and a bubble bath
  8. Montreal in the winter
    Jkjk lol
  9. Except when it looks like this
    So Nicolas SarCOZY