1. If his name is Gilbert Blythe
  2. That's literally it
    Although I would settle for just a Gilbert with a rando last name so long as he claims to have been named after Gilbert Blythe or knows of his existence.
  3. Or maybe if he's read Pride and Prejudice
    Then he doesn't have to be named Gilbert. But he has to have strong opinions on P&P and they have to be good opinions
  4. Or if he's cool with the fact that I own a bonnet
  5. Or if he's actually a girl named Meryl Streep
    And if said Meryl Streep happens to own some Oscars
  6. Or if he owns a chocolate fountain
  7. Or if he'll watch Gilmore Girls with me and he's Jess and I'm Rory
  8. Or if he has all the same allergies that I have and carries my epipen around for me
  9. Or if he'll do a couples costume with me and he writes a strongly worded note if we don't win the couples costume competition
    But we'll win because I'll be Little Bo Peep and he'll be a sheep. Or he's Mark Darcy and I'm Bridget Jones.
  10. Or if he's nice and has curly hair and laughs at my jokes
    And he's not a serial killer pls. This should have maybe been at the top of my list.