1. During our st Patricks day parade I spent half an hour trying to walk down one block to get to my place of work
    This parade was no joke. I had to elbow my way through throngs of disorderly people drinking four locos at 11am
  2. On my way, some incredible floats passed by: Curling for Kids where the kids wore hats shaped like curling stones, an Irish parish where they were blasting Shakira's "Hips don't lie" and a bunch of Italian greyhounds in green sweaters
  3. I wasn't really paying attention as the next float was the "princesses of the parade float"
    This float included a bunch of 15 year old girls in brandy Melville outfits wearing crowns and waving at us like we were peasants
  4. Then all of a sudden I started hearing teens shrieking and chanting TRUBEAU TRUBEAU
  5. I try to catch a glimpse but all I see are a bunch of men walking down the parade wearing black turtle necks and slacks
  6. And in the middle of these secret service looking men is FREAKIN JUSTIN TRUDEAU
  7. He was holding his small child's hand and graciously waving at us
  8. What a beautiful man. He took the time out of his busy schedule to walk in our parade
    I don't think any other prime minister has done that before. What a gracious soul
  9. I'm still swooning
  10. And shaking