I am apparently "highly hypnotizable"
  1. After 3 years of trying to get into an impossibly popular Hypnosis course at my university, I finally got in!!!!
  2. I can't wait for the prof to ask if anyone has ever been hypnotized because um yes hi
  3. In my first year, my Research Methods class had to go to the Hypnosis Lab (yes my uni has a hypnosis lab) so we could participate in their experiment
    Sounds a bit shady but whatevs
  4. I went into it thinking naw hypnosis sounds like a fun time but it's BS
    Although I learned a common misconception is that people think they can be hypnotized into doing crazy awful things. In reality you can't be hypnotized into doing anything you'd normally be opposed to
  6. The experimenter counted down for a bit and the rest is kind of a blur
  7. I remember being aware in the moment that I was being hypnotized and having the feeling I could get out of it if I wanted to
    But I didn't want to, it was hella relaxing
  8. I also remember being told there was a fly in the room and to swat at it
    I could hear laughter around me. Apparently I was the only one in my class to actually get hypnotized and people understandably found it to be amusing
  9. At one point I was told to forget everything that had happened but that when they said a specific word I'd remember it all
    This actually worked on me!
  10. At the end we filled out a test so they could gauge how hypnotizable we were
  11. I was apparently so hypnotizable that the experimenter told me if I ever give birth I can get hypnotized so I won't feel pain!!
  12. When I one day go into labor, the delivery room will be filled with my future husband, my mother and my hypnotist
    I'd also like to be able to tell people I have a hypnotist