Movies that make me cry

I cry after almost every single movie I see even if it's a comedy. But the true test of whether or not I love a movie is if I sob the entire way through.
  1. Mary Poppins
    Julie Andrews is my religion and this movie was my entire childhood. The song Feed the Birds gives me an asthma attack due to heavy amounts of crying
  2. The Sound of Music
    I used to be scared of this movie as a kid?? It's now one of my favorites and I know every single song and I once stood up in a bar and sang a medley of Eidelweis, Climb Every Mountain and Favorite Things. One of the best musicals ever
  3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    My parents and I saw this movie when I was a small child and it quickly became our absolute favorite. This used to be the only movie I'd watch. My parents and I regularly say "you don't eat no meat??? That's ok, I make lamb". I cried tears of joy at their wedding and her father's speech
  4. When Harry Met Sally
    The most romantic and funniest movie and I want to live in their world. Also I have Sally's neurosis mixed with Harry's cynicism so I feel this movie on a personal level. And I will never get tired of the trope where two people who hate each other, slowly become best friends and fall in love
  5. You've Got Mail
    The best ever Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie. I start sobbing toward the end in anticipation. My dream life is to own a tiny children's bookstore in New York so I enjoy living vicariously through this gem of a movie
  6. Room
    Brie Larson could impale me with her Oscar and I'd still love her. The book is one of my favorites and I didn't think the movie would do it justice but I was so wrong. Brie and Jacob were electrifying and I never cried harder than seeing Ma and Jack reunite
  7. Carol
    I teared up at the trailer which was already a bad sign. Luckily I watched it alone so I could ugly cry without judgment. Ive never rooted for a movie couple more than Therese and Carol. Also Cate Blanchett in red lipstick 👐😍
  8. Julie and Julia
    Another classic movie in my household. I don't know why but it gives me this cozy feeling like it's Christmas. Includes 3 of my faves: Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Stanley Tucci.
  9. The Parent Trap
    A classic favorite. As a child I watched this at camp at least 3 times a week. I used to dream about finding my long lost twin and creating elaborate handshakes. An automatic feel-good movie and the ending makes me so joyful that I cry happy tears
  10. The Devil Wears Prada
    I remember when this movie came out. My friend asked me if I wanted to see it in theaters with her and I said no because I thought it was a horror movie. Meryl Streep is one sassy gem. This movie started my lifelong obsession with the song Suddenly I See.
  11. Bridget Jones' Diary
    One of my favorite romcoms and an homage to all of my favorite things (Pride and Prejudice and Colin Firth). A love triangle for the ages and Briget Jones is my hero
  12. La La Land
    I fell in love with the beautiful music and dancing. I'm a huge fan of musicals and this felt so nostalgic and special. The epilogue is one of the most magical movie scenes and I sobbed even harder the second time I saw it as I anticipated the very moment my heart would be ripped out of my chest