Niagara Falls Panorama

this is me discovering my zero dollar phone has the ability to take panorama shots. Only took me a year to figure this out. You really can't tell any of these are actual panoramas
  1. I was 84% sure I was going to drop my phone in the Falls
  2. I took about 80 panoramic shots of the exact same thing. They all look identical
  3. Me discovering panorama is like a grandma discovering gmail
  4. You can't tell any of these are panoramas because I had to crop them all for List but take my word for it
  5. I witnessed so many people risking their lives for instagram like pls continue to stand on the edge of death
  6. About a second away from this beautiful work of nature is another equally beautiful work of nature called an amusement park
    I love how the Falls are surrounded by the most over-the-top ridiculous amusement park