Non-scary movies that scared me as a child

I was a strange child who was scared of pretty much every single non cartoon movie
  1. Rat Race
    I saw this movie in theaters and literally walked out because I was so terrified. It's a comedy. I think the movie title is what did me in
  2. This movie where a guy hikes mount everest
    This movie terrified me to no end. A car blows up in it and I somehow generalized that to all technology so for a year I was phobic of computers because I thought they would explode. I don't understand me
  3. The Sound of Music
    When I was really young my parents tried to show me this movie but for some reason I got scared and ran out of the living room screaming. This makes no sense because The Sound of Music is the greatest movie in the world.
  4. Jumanji
    We had to watch this movie in elementary school and I was so horrified by it that I pretended to be sick and went home just because I didn't think I could emotionally sit through it. Coincidentally the next day I got the chicken pox. Thanks jumanji