Sometimes I'm annoyed by other people's pet peeves
  1. Leaving the toilet seat up
    It literally takes a second to put the toilet seat down again.. maybe 2 seconds tops
  2. The socks and sandals combo
    I too am guilty of being peeved by this but I'm annoyed at myself for even caring. Let the dude live out his/her fashion choices this isn't an episode of What Not To Wear (sidebar: that's a quality 10/10 show)
  3. When people (occasionally) talk to themselves
    OK I get why this could become a problem if done excessively but sometimes I'm my own best listener (but sometimes even I zone out when talking to me.. "I talk a lot so I've learned to just tune myself out"- Kelly Kapoor)
  4. People with poor grammar
    This shouldn't negatively affect your life. If it does then please take up knitting or get yourself a scuba license
  5. Spoilers
    Hearing a spoiler won't cause the end of the world, like you might suddenly combust but I think you'll be OK (I'm no doctor though so don't quote me on this)